Growing up surrounded by the majesty of the mountains in Paradise Valley, Montana made it easy for me to picture a future where I traveled the world capturing the unique people and places that span the globe. Until 25, I had not set my sights on anything other than being a photojournalist, but the experience of photographing weddings set into motion something unstoppable. I craved the rush of capturing the bliss, raw emotions, and the sense of connection that unfolds during a wedding day.

Since moving to the videography world in 2013, I have had the privilege of finding couples that want something deeper captured on their wedding day. They want to remember who they were at a moment in time.

Videography for me is more than merely capturing beautiful images, it’s about telling a story. And looking back on the stories I’ve created reminds me that legacy is priceless. A story told well and authentically is unforgettable.

My fulfillment as an artist has been recording a window into the lives of couples and families who are coming together for something greater. And love is just the beginning of the journey.

~ Bayard