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Experience Matters.  So do two wedding videographers

Experience Matters. So do two wedding videographers

When I first started out as a wedding videographer filming for my friends, it was an intense hustle and a rite of passage. That was 6 six years ago, and one of the most important things that I learned is to never capture a wedding without a team to support you.... read more

Bayard and his team are absolutely incredible. From the beginning in reaching out to Bayard after seeing another one of his wedding videos I knew he was the right fit for what we wanted. He and his team have a great ability to capture authenticity and the feeling….
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Jenifer A.

Montana Bride ~ Rockin TJ Ranch

Cory and Thomas – Rustic Summer Wedding at the Hart Ranch

Cory and Thomas’ story was told through their parents and grandparents. We see a window into the playful nature of their relationship and how each of their unique quirks brought them together. I’ve never in my life asked a girl, a random girl like her, to... read more

Bri and Justin – Orthodox Church Wedding Story in Butte

Bri and Justin traveled from Hawaii to Montana to celebrate their wedding at a very special venue, the Siberian Orthodox Church in Butte. The rich heritage of Butte provided an incredible backdrop for their wedding. With touching words from their parents and words of... read more

Alli and Ry – A Love Story Captured at La Petit Chateau

A Love Story is not complete without stories from the couple’s family. When we set out to make Alli and Ry’s wedding film, we focused on vignettes of their story from their parents, siblings, and the bride’s grandfather. The La Petit Chateau wedding... read more

Physical Therapy Elite

The vision of two women entrepreneurs, Jess and Jen, to create a physical therapy clinic where patients receive more personalized care came to fruition after the two made a big move to Montana. Jen’s background as a high-performance athlete coupled with... read more

Investing in Your Wedding Memories with Photography and Video

A creative collaboration with Bruce at Muhlbradt Photography As a wedding photographer I create images that are not only beautiful works of art but tell the story of your wedding day. My work captures all the emotions of your wedding day, the tears, the laughter, and... read more