Marissa and Jake married at their new home outside of Sheridan, Wyoming this summer. Our team of two captured more than just the beauty of their day, we strove to capture their story.

In this film, we told the couple’s wedding story through hugs, smiling faces, tears of joy from the groom, spoken words from the maid of honor and father of the bride, crafted wood decor, and so much more.

We interviewed their family to get insights into their love story.

“You’re the most handsome groom, but the most beautiful bride sitting next to you really completes your outfit.” – Maid of Honor

Like most fathers, I’ve been overly protective of any boys getting close to my daughters. But one must be a father to understand how difficult it is to take the protective hand off of her. It takes a special man for that protection to be removed. And I want to congratulate you Marissa, because you found the special man.

Father of the Bride

Wedding documentaries are very rare in the wedding industry because they take more time to create, more time to edit, and they require more than a mere solo videographer to create. Multiple videographers capturing the day help make a final product that feels polished, complete, and tells the couple’s story in a deep, meaningful way. Above all else, the story that tells this couple’s legacy is our focus.

“I have a wish that they grow old on one pillow.” – Grandfather

People are lucky to find soulmates or best friends. And I think Jake and Marissa are very lucky to find each other.

Mother of the Groom

As the film opens, we want the couple and their families to remember the beauty of the landscape in Wyoming. It was a windy day, but fortunately we were able to capture the epic western landscape and the place that the couple calls home.

The last four years have not always been easy, and the rest of our lives won’t be either, but I know that the love I have for you will never fade. – Jake

Thank you for loving my little brother. You complete more than just his outfit. You complete his heart. – Sister of the Groom

Marissa and Jake, watching you two today was one of the most beautiful things that I’ve ever seen. Jake looks at you like he’s won the lottery. – Sister of the Bride