What sets documentary wedding videography apart from trendy videos? In one word, story.

Your story is your legacy and your story matters. Documentary wedding videographers capture your day to tell your love story and record your legacy, forever.

Your story is more than skin deep. Beautiful clips are fun to watch and admire, but they don’t capture the soul of your wedding day.

Hearing the voices of your loved ones and a meaningful story will bring you back to your video again and again. Your wedding video should be about the WHY And the WHO and not simply the WHAT.

Documentary Videography

  • Timeless
  • Authentic
  • Emotionally deeper than a music video
  • Family Interviews
  • Voices of loved ones to hear on your anniversaries
  • Your love story to share with family and friends
  • Requires a more intentional approach
  • Requires extra videographers to be done well

Trendy Videography

  • No story or limited story
  • Skin deep
  • One videographer can do it
  • Overuse of slow motion
  • Less content
  • Easier to edit and cookie cutter techniques
  • Lazy production techniques
  • Rushed production
  • Choppy video (happens when slow motion is converted to regular video)