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Your Love Story Remembered

Wedding Films that capture the heart of your wedding experience.

Tying the Knot at La Petit Chateau | Bozeman, Montana

Featured Wedding Film:

Rustic Montana Wedding at the Kleffner Ranch | Helena, Montana

Capturing your Montana wedding video in a fun and spirited documentary style, our team seeks out the heart of your wedding story.  Your completed wedding film includes the best moments from your day, interviews with family and selected guests, and curated music to fit your video that can be shared with family and friends on social media or by email.

Aerial videography is available with our 7 and 9 hour wedding packages (or a la carte).

Record your memories in beautiful cinematic detail.  Our team takes great care to record meaningful testimonies from your parents, siblings, and grandparents.

We have filmed at many of the top Bozeman and Big Sky wedding venues including: Springhill Pavilion, The Woodlands, The Big Yellow Barn, La Petit Chateau, Rainbow Ranch, and the Kleffner Ranch and more.  If you’re working with one of the best Bozeman wedding photographers, you may already have a personal connection to our services.

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Bri and Justin – Orthodox Church Wedding Story in Butte

Bri and Justin traveled from Hawaii to Montana to celebrate their wedding at a very special venue, the Siberian Orthodox Church in Butte. The rich heritage of Butte provided an incredible backdrop for their wedding. With touching words from their parents and words of... read more

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  • When dad walks you down the aisle. 😊🎥 Hearing from loved ones reminds you that this journey is not complete without everyone who brought you to this moment. #weddingfilm #montanawedding @thechateaueventcenter
  • The shoes that carry you to the altar. #bridal #shoes #weddingvideo
  • Raising a glass to two people uniting their lives together. It was a cold, blustery day, but inside hearts were warm. #weddingfilm #montanawedding
  • Love is a choice we make every day. And two people joining their lives together for something bigger, something stronger, is one of most beautiful and powerful things we have as human beings. This journey becomes more meaningful when we are able to share our hopes, dreams, and needs with someone on the same team! #montanawedding #weddingvideography @hartranchweddings
  • Father daughter moment as they share a first dance. Joy on the wedding day is something you want to remember for the rest of your life. #weddingvideography #montanawedding #weddingdance #legacy
  • Here’s to the people who make a wedding day unforgettable. The wedding party at this Butte nuptial had a great time joining the bride and groom to usher in a new chapter of life with the historic downtown as a backdrop. #weddingfilm #weddingparty