Wedding Package Features

Storytelling films that capture the heart of your wedding day.

Personal Interviews


Testimonials from family and you on your wedding day help bring the story of your love to life. Remember how you felt and capture how your families experienced the joy of helping you begin a chapter of your life together.

Interviewing the Father of the Groom
Intimate memories

Intimate Moments

Telling the story of your wedding day is more than capturing pretty videos. Our documentary team captures intimate, fleeting moments that you’ll want to remember years from now.

Aerial Drone Videography


Capturing the beauty of Montana (or wherever you tie the knot) from the skies is available with most of our wedding packages. Drone clips in your wedding video set the scene for the place where you decided to bring family and friends together to celebrate your union.

We work only with legal, licensed drone videographers and use ultra high definition cameras to capture the essence of your wedding venue.