Kendyl and Casey celebrated their union at the Hart Ranch, just south of Bozeman, Montana.

Their family helped tell their story through brief interviews that were woven into their highlight film.

A big thank you to Bridgid Bradshaw Photography for creating some incredible moments of the couple during the photo session that were also captured on video. You made our jobs easy and working alongside you at multiple weddings has been a great experience. Bridgid captures weddings in both Montana and Utah, for anyone looking.

Hart Ranch is currently our most popular venue to film at. If I was getting married tomorrow it would be among my top choices. The rustic location and gorgeous backdrop of the mountains provides a cozy place for couples to marry in Montana. There are horses on the property, the reception area is spacious, and on-site amenities for the wedding party make the getting-ready part of the day much easier. It’s only 25 minutes from the heart of Bozeman and provides plenty of natural beauty to make a great, memorable wedding experience.