How can you actually tell if the videographer on the website from your Google Search or an Instagram profile link is actually legitimate and a local business?

Here are five ways to help reassure you that you’re dealing with a real videographer who is ready to help!

1. The videographer lists their phone number on their website.
Trusting a local business is much easier when you can actually pick up the phone and call a number. While it might feel old fashioned to use a phone and dial, just a few minutes on the phone can tell you a ton of information and shed light on the person’s professionalism, temperament, and whether they align with their online presence.

2. The videographer returns your messages or calls in a timely fashion.
True professionals will return phone calls or messages within one business day. If they don’t have time to answer all your questions right away, a reliable person will do their utmost to let you know that your message has been received and when they plan to get back to you.

3. The online reviews are stellar and not from one source.
Checking reviews on Google, The Knot, Facebook, and other sources can help give insights about whether a videographer has been delivering for their clients. Read negative reviews very carefully to see if the business is regularly encountering problems.

4. A short bio is available and shares insights about the videographer.
Working professionals don’t mind sharing a little bit about their background, why they love doing wedding videography, and sharing a photo of themselves (so you know they’re real and not a spambot).

5. They have a fully developed website and not merely a social media profile.
While having an instagram feed can show off a videographer’s visual style, it doesn’t actually let you dive deeper into who they are. A social media profile is an easy way to get online, but real professionals almost always have a fully developed website to showcase who they are and the quality of wedding films they produce.

We’ve been filming weddings since 2015 and every year new companies crop up to offer wedding videography. While you might be enticed by a low price and stellar offerings, knowing who your videographer really is before hiring them can help give you peace of mind that the investment into your cherished, unrepeatable memories is through the right professional.