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Wedding Film Moments

Moments in time captured during our wedding films.

  • When dad walks you down the aisle. 😊🎥 Hearing from loved ones reminds you that this journey is not complete without everyone who brought you to this moment. #weddingfilm #montanawedding @thechateaueventcenter
  • The shoes that carry you to the altar. #bridal #shoes #weddingvideo
  • Raising a glass to two people uniting their lives together. It was a cold, blustery day, but inside hearts were warm. #weddingfilm #montanawedding
  • Love is a choice we make every day. And two people joining their lives together for something bigger, something stronger, is one of most beautiful and powerful things we have as human beings. This journey becomes more meaningful when we are able to share our hopes, dreams, and needs with someone on the same team! #montanawedding #weddingvideography @hartranchweddings
  • Father daughter moment as they share a first dance. Joy on the wedding day is something you want to remember for the rest of your life. #weddingvideography #montanawedding #weddingdance #legacy
  • Here’s to the people who make a wedding day unforgettable. The wedding party at this Butte nuptial had a great time joining the bride and groom to usher in a new chapter of life with the historic downtown as a backdrop. #weddingfilm #weddingparty
  • Can’t wait to see the flowers bloom around the neighborhoods in Bozeman! Spring is hinting that it’s here. Probably just a few more snowfalls before we really start seeing green grass and gardens springing back to life. “Seasons change, and so will I, but not my love for you.” #love #weddingfilm #bigskywedding
  • Moments at the altar are something that every couple wants to remember about their wedding. During Cory and Thomas’ wedding our team actually captured from four angles to ensure that the spirit of the ceremony would be preserved. Three videographers and four cameras can capture so much more than a one man show! #weddingfilm #montanawedding @hartranchweddings
  • A gorgeous floral arrangement accented this Montana wedding nestled at the base of the Bridger Mountains. The timeless beauty of Springhill Pavilion reminds me that you don’t need a fancy building or even a church to bring everyone together to celebrate love. The spirit of a country wedding is enough. 🎥 #floral #weddingstory #weddingvideography
  • We make sure to document the groom’s side of the story on the wedding day. Why he fell in love, what about his partner brought them together like two magnets, and how his family sees them as a great match. We love getting candid moments around his groomsmen that he will appreciate years from now when they are all growing families of their own #springhillpavilion #bozeman #bozemanwedding #weddingfilm
  • If you could have had a grandparent interviewed at your wedding, what would you want to hear about and remember from them forever? What legacy would you want them to give you? *** I would want to hear from my paternal Grandfather about how he felt about my life partner, our bond together, and how he felt seeing me as a man in love with the most special woman I had ever met in my life. He passed away from cancer in 2007. #weddingfilm #legacy #weddingstory #tears
  • A moment together is never wasted time. This couple got to walk around downtown Butte and bask in beautiful light as the sun went down. 🎥 #weddingfilm #montanawedding