Avoid These Top 5 Mistakes When Booking Your Wedding Videographer


#1 The Videographer has little experience filming weddings

Book someone with at least three seasons under their belt.  Inexperience leads to mistakes. And mistakes during a wedding can’t really be fixed. You are stuck with the rookie mistakes. Lack of experience is one of the worst ways you can cheapen your wedding video. Would you hire a plumber or lawyer fresh out of the gate? Absolutely not! New videographers come and go, but the good ones stay around.


#2 The videographer has no backup equipment.

Book someone who has backup equipment. Cheap videographers will almost never own backup equipment, and their loss could be your loss too. They have to operate cheaply to make a cheap product, so they’ll cut corners (and sometimes where it counts).


#3 The Videographer makes a cheap, shallow product with no story

Book someone who cares about your story. The majority of wedding videographers do not capture a story because it takes too much time, too much effort, and they simply do not have the artistry or training to make a story out of your wedding day. Any wedding videographer can make a music video, but great wedding videographers create a story with interviews and capture the deeper legacy of your day.


#4 The videographer is so young or immature that they don’t grasp how important this day is to you.

Book someone who is old enough to know how serious capturing your wedding really is.  I wouldn’t hire someone just out of college to film my wedding, period. Most people that young simply do not have enough life experience to grasp the legacy they are capturing on your wedding day.


#5 The videographer lacks a safety net.

Book someone who is insured! If your wedding videographer damages something, injures a guest, or knocks over grandma with their tripod, they will not be in a position to take care of the situation professionally.


Now that you know what to avoid…

At Eterna Films, we have been filming weddings since 2013. And our first priority is your story. Creating a wedding film that captures your legacy is our #1 priority. We are the longest standing professional wedding videography company in the Bozeman area.

We have filmed at most of the major venues in Bozeman and locations in Big Sky. Our team has an incredible amount of experience filming weddings!

Some of the venues we have worked with include:


  • The Woodlands
  • Roy’s Barn
  • Hart Ranch
  • Springhill Pavilion
  • The Chateau Event Center
  • The Big Yellow Barn
  • The Y Knot Barn
  • Rainbow Ranch – Big Sky
  • Big Sky Chapel
  • Chico Hot Springs – Paradise Valley
  • Kleffner Ranch – Helena
  • Rockin TJ Ranch
  • Gallatin River Lodge

Watch a few of our signature wedding films and you’ll see that we are different than any wedding videographer in Bozeman or Big Sky!


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Megan + Eric at the Y Knot Barn in Pony, MT.

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Alli + Ry at the Chateau Event Center in Bozeman.

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Maggie + Curtis at the Hart Ranch in Bozeman.

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