Ashley and Joe celebrated the joining of their lives surrounded by the beauty of the Absaroka Mountains in Paradise Valley, Montana. Chico Hot Springs is an historic wedding destination that provides many amenities for couples who want comfort and a relaxing atmosphere for their wedding guests.

Their love story unfolded during their custom written vows and this made our work easy to deliver a wedding film that encapsulated memories of the simple, yet meaningful things that they do for one another in their lives.

We followed the couple during a horse drawn carriage ride around the mountain valley that holds Chico. We loved working alongside their photographer who found so many scenic spots to capture the beauty of the Montana with Ashley and Joe.

Their destination wedding meant that all of the guests came from across the US to celebrate their union. Many of these people had never experienced the majesty of Montana and many were coming from the Great Lakes area. We interviewed several people in the wedding party to help augment the story with the friendships and tidbits that made their story special.

Photography: Lux Light Photography