Brock and Jen tied the knot in June and the stunning location provided by the Rockin TJ Ranch provided so many opportunities for beautiful light, greenery, and a Montana sunset.

Before filming we found out from Jen that she loved the personal interviews seen in great wedding videos, so we took care to capture testimonies from the bride and groom’s family. During the editing process, we weaved in the toast stories that put tears of joy into both the bride and groom’s eyes.

We know that we’ve done our job as wedding storytellers when brides and grooms let us know that they cried while watching their video.

Photography: Fran Ze Photography
Flowers: Wild Blume
DJ: Mach 1 Music

A look inside their wedding video:


Special moments between mother and daughter.


A little romance with the Bridger mountains and a rustic setting as a backdrop.


Fran Ze photography setup Jen and Brock’s rings with a daisy flower.