Julie and Colter’s love story was captured on a beautiful September day, as they tied the knot in Bozeman. The weather was warm and sunny as their ceremony ushered in the early evening light, and cooled down as the night festivities were under way.

To tell their backstory, we interviewed their parents, who recounted how the couple had known each other since childhood. The grandparents had big grins on their faces as they confirmed the love between Julie and Colter, and how their love has grown to something lasting. We also sat down with the couple after the ceremony to have them read letters they wrote to one another. These kinds of intimate moments are what we love capturing.

The bride said during her ceremony vows, “when I’m with you, I’m home”. Tears were gracing her cheeks as the words were spoken and the break in her voice was one of tenderness. Hearing those words reminded me why I film weddings. These are precious moments. Moments that cannot be replaced or put in a greeting card, not even moments that can be captured with a photograph. True words were spoken that day, and it warms my heart to know that in the chaos of the world, there are people who stay vulnerable enough to proclaim love and commit to a lifelong bond of friendship.

During the wedding preparations, we had a sneak peak into the bridal party getting ready and it was wonderful to see the family and bridesmaids coming together to celebrate Julie. The hair and makeup were stunning and seeing the mothers working together was wonderful. The bridal party did shots together to celebrate and we captured their candid moments together before the ceremony started and everyone took their places.

The decorations the couple chose at the Woodlands were personalized with their names and a variety of materials were ornately placed along the bridal party table!

Our team took care to capture some the beauty of the surrounding Montana landscape with aerial footage that showed the Cottonwood Canyon, the wedding venue nestled among tall evergreens, and the bridal party as they took group photos.